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Australian Solar Systems – Not Just Solar!


Australian Solar Systems is an innovator in Solar energy solutions. We’ve developed integrated solar roofing solutions and thermal storage applications to enable maximum use from the free energy from the Sun.


Our Services Include:

  • Domestic, commercial and industrial solar PV installations tailored to individual circumstances.
  • Solar integrated roofing solutions invented and developed right here in Australia by Australian Solar Systems.
  • Thermal storage and deployment solutions, make the best use of all of your captured solar energy.

Domestic Solar

We can tailor a solar system for your home that will bring substantial savings to your on-going electricity costs, we can even show how to pay your system off with your energy savings!

Commercial Solar

From a small factory to a massive complex, We have completed systems up to 140KW. We can handle the job from start to finish.

Farm Irrigation

If you want to displace existing grid sourced energy, reduce your diesel costs or a full off-grid pumping solution from scratch, we can handle it.

Operational Cost reductions.

Together with pumping, can be substantially reduced by installing solar at your business

Thermal Storage Solutions

We have solutions that allow you to use solar and store in thermal sinks to provide round-the-clock refrigeration,heating ..even steam!

Sol-Ace Solar integrated roofing Exclusive to Australian Solar Systems

Our integrated roofing solution can provide a water and gas tight roofing solution that could cost less than traditional roofing materials. With energy for the future.

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